Specialty Pumps

V-RAM Specialty Pumping Systems are engineered and designed to meet customer’s application desires. V-RAM works with customers and potential customers to help with their processing applications. We do testing, design changes and pumping tests to ensure that our equipment is right for the customer’s needs.

One of our most recent specialty pumping systems is our Process Feed Pumping Systems designed for pumping shredded MSW (garbage) into pressurized/vacuum vessels minimizing outside air from entering or escaping the process. Each system is tailored to the customer’s specified feeding process equipment. Each complete system is designed for the application and includes a pumping module, hydraulic unit and control package.

Some of the special features incorporated in the Process Feed Pump are a packing (sealing) chamber, throttle valve and the patented V-Pipe. With pumping capacities ranging from 0.4 cubic feet per stroke to 2.8 cubic feet per stroke this specialty pump is perfect for a customer’s specified feeding process.