Control Packages

V-RAM offers a variety of control packages to meet your application needs. From a simple air switching system that requires no electricity to a PLC system specifically programmed and integrated to your application.

All electrical control packages can be UL certified.


Uses air switching to direct the hydraulic oil flow to the cylinder, no electricity required. The start/stop switch is mounted on the pump’s charging
chamber; there is no control panel to deal with.

Features include:
adjustable stroke length and pumping volume can be controlled by interrupting the air supply to the control remotely or locally.


Simple relay based control unit with manual automatic forward and reverse. A complete sensor arrangement is incorporated to control the ram operation and provide safety shut off in the event of an emergency.


Consists of a NEMA 4 enclosure with a simple PLC controller with manual and automatic operation. Manual control includes: forward, reverse and hydraulic start and stop. Automatic operation includes outputs for hydraulic motor starters and a complete sensor arrangement is incorporated to control the ram operation.

Alarms included are high temperature and low oil alarm with unit shut down to protect equipment. Manual adjustable time delay setting, manual adjustable stroke length and pumping speed.

The PLC systems can be intergraded with remote access capabilities so V-RAM technicians can analyze your system and assist with any changes needed for your system’s reliability and future expansion. No on-site
service technician needed.