Piston Rams

V-RAM has developed a pumping piston that uses urethane seals instead of the Buna-N style pistons. The urethane material out performs Buna-N material in its ability to withstand tears and abrasive material along with a higher resistance to chemicals. The typical Buna-N material has a tensile strength of only 1,500 PSI; whereas the typical urethane material has a tensile strength of 4,000 PSI. With these characteristics the urethane seals have proven to have a longer life and slower failure rate.

Up to now the typical pumping piston has been made with Buna-N rubber which usually wears out in 2 to 6 months, at which time the entire pumping piston has to be replaced. With the V-RAM pumping piston, instead of replacing the whole pumping piston the customer only replaces the worn urethane seals saving valuable downtime, labor and replacement costs. Urethane seals are approximately 1/5th the cost of a complete pumping piston and last at least 2 to 5 times longer than the typical Buna-N pumping piston.