The V-RAM By-Products Pumping Systems are engineered and designed for rendering and processing applications. As each application is unique, we offer six basic sizes of pump modules designed for a wide variety of materials and volumes. Each complete system is designed for the application and includes a pumping module, hydraulic unit and control package.

Single Pumping Systems


  • Eliminates augers and messy conveyor belts.
  • Capability of moving large volumes.
  • Reduces tramp material problems.
  • Eliminate high odor problems.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduces clean-up time and costly downtime.

Multiple Pumping Systems


  • With the same advantages as the single pumping system our multiple pumping systems offers additional advantages for your application.
  • Semi or full redundancy to ensure process reliability.
  • Can easily add multiple pumping chambers for increasing capacity.
  • Provides a more consistent flow of material.
  • Larger charging chambers.
  • Prevents or reduces bridging in the hopper.
  • Capability of pumping to two destinations from the same hopper.

Size Comparison

V-RAM Pumping Modules comes in six basic sizes, 9, 11, 16, 20, 24 and 30 inch. The size number refers to the size of the ram head in each pump module.

The pumps can be designed with multiple pumping chambers (as shown in the 30″ double pump module picture) for increased volumes, total redundancy, more continuous flow, multiple process destinations and also saves on operating cost with inconsisiten volumes.